Where you want to go today to see what you may never seen before?

Hello, my name is Evgueni Kolossov.

I am using camera since I was 12 years old. I have been doing everything myself: developing films, printing photos, etc. We do not need these things anymore with digital cameras. A lot of people would say that my photographs are different and they like it very much. For last 20 years I am travelling a lot and always with my camera. As result I have thousands of photos many of them from unique places which not a lot of people have seen. So, now when I am retired I have decided to share these photos with everybody and very happy to listen to your opinion…

People asking me what cameras I am using?  I am using Olympus cameras since digital revolution. It have been C720UZ, SP500UZ, SP800UZ. 

Since 2014 – SP-100EE (Eagle Eye) which I still like very much for it amazing x50 optical zoom. 

And from 2022 – Olympus OM-1 with different lenses.